Hi I’m Ali Brown, 

I’m a certified positive dog trainer and behavior consultant. I truly believe that reward-based positive training is the best way to train your dog. Training this way makes the experience fun for both dog and handler, and builds a bond of trust and respect between you and your dog. I am grateful to have a career where I get the opportunity to change the lives of dogs and families. 

When I’m not training you can find me spending time with my family. My partner Dave and I are the proud parents of two incredible sons. We have a chocolate lab mix named Nakita, and an adorable kitty named Roo. Both animals were adopted from a local rescue.

In my spare time I love getting together with friends for workouts, Sunday runday, book exchanges and dinners out supporting local restaurants.  

I am a huge goal oriented person, setting yearly, monthly and even daily goals for myself. I believe in setting personal, fitness and business goals for myself as a way of staying focused, consistent, and always growing and learning. 

In 2021 some of the goals I accomplished include becoming a certified positive dog trainer and behaviouralist, rucking (running with a weighted backpack on) over 400km and overcoming my fear of public speaking. 

This year I’ll be entering a fitness competition in May, and reading more books to name a few. 

In dog training this goal oriented mindset is very beneficial for setting you and your dog up for success. We will discuss your families needs and come up with a plan of action for you and your dog. I cannot wait to meet you and your doggo. 

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