Enrichment Hike

An amazing opportunity for your dog to get to explore, sniff, and hang out in nature. These hikes are great for dogs of all ages. The hike helps dogs who may suffer from anxiety as it gives them a chance to decompress. We ask a lot of our dogs and I think it is so important to give them time to just be dogs and explore the natural environment. I offer a pickup and drop off service for hikes (in most cases) Peterborough Ontario.

Rates for hikes are $80 plus tax, or a package of 3 for $220 plus tax

Your dogs safety is important to me and for this reason dogs will wear a harness and I will use a 20 foot long line. This will ensure that the dog gets to explore in a fun and safe way. If you do not have a harness I can provide one for the hike and I also will provide the long line.

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